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To request a forgotten item, just follow the procedure on this page. The procedure is very simple and fast.

Thanks to the thousands of shipments that we manage every month our rates are extremely advantageous and our prices are much lower than the prices that couriers reserve for those who require a single shipping.

The final price depends on several factors, including obviously the weight and volume of the packaging to be sent.

Indicatively, a small package, with a weight up to a kilogram travels in Europe for about 15 euros, in Europe for about 17 euros, in the United States for about 25 euros.

Before choosing you will be shown the different rates available to choose from.
In normal shipments with an economic or express tariff it is not possible to choose the delivery time, the courier will pass between 8 am and 7 pm at the delivery address.

When possible we also offer services with guaranteed delivery hours, for example 'by 12 am' or 'by 10 am' which are obviously more expensive but allow you to accelerate the delivery.
You will have a link where you will see in real time where your package is located.
Upon delivery of the package, you must signe 'proof of delivery'. If there is no one, the courier will leave a notice, our customer center will contact you and will agree when to repeat the delivery. If it were not again possible to deliver, the courier will leave a further notice with the indications to collect the package at the pick-up center in your area, and our call center will give you all the necessary information to recover your item.
During the procedure you will be requested the billing data, if you enter a valid VAT number you will receive the invoice.

In the shipping procedure we always offer an insurance policy, which is good for objects up to 500 euros in value.

If you have to send objects with a greater value contact us directly via email:info@parcelvalue.eu and our shipping service will organize an expedition and insurance specifically for you.

As far as the EU is concerned, everything except materials declared dangerous such as explosives, flammable liquids, etc. Outside the EU, regulations vary from country to country. In the system you will already find pre-set cases of products approved by country, if something does not appear in the list you will indicate it to us and we will verify the feasibility and carry out the customs procedures.

The following items cannot be shipped:

  • Live animals (including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, amphibians, birds, insects, larvae and pupae)
  • Hunting (animal) trophies, animal parts such as ivory and sharks fin, animal remains or ashes, animal by-productsHuman remains or ashes

  • Bullion (of any precious metal)
  • Cash (legal tender - bank notes, currency notes, coins) and travellers chequesLoose precious and semi-precious stones (cut or un-cut, polished or un-polished)
  • Complete original and imitation firearms and firearm parts, ammunition, explosives / explosive devicesIllegal goods, such as counterfeit goods and narcotics
  • Perfumes, sprays, batteries (airpods cases), power bank